Mid-Week Motivation! Galatians 6:1, 4-5

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“Live creatively, friends….Make a careful exploration of who you are and the work you have been given, and then sink yourself into that. Don’t be impressed with yourself. Don’t compare yourself with others. Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your own life” (Galatians 6:1, 4-5)

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V. P.O.T.D! (BriaMarie) “The Fresh Princess” (I.D.K)

BriaMarie IDK

Ethical music ent’s own Ms. BriaMarie is our video pick of the day! In this July issue of Elite Magazine by Y.H.A we interviewed the founder of Ethical Music Ent; Grammy Award Winning/leader of the #Rage Against the Ratchet Movement Mr. Carvin Haggins. And he told us why she is titled “The Fresh Princess”. So check out our video pick of the day (I DON’T KNOW) by BriaMarie #TheFreshPrincess enjoy! For more on BriaMarie subscribe to www.younghollywoodatlanta.com today!

(What’s in this July Issue of Elite Magazine by Y.H.A) Check it out!

Editor Dominique “D.C” Dixon travels the world in issue #9 of Elite Magazine by Y.H.A. With exclusive’s from musical genius 13 (1) Artur Sychowski, as he takes us inside his magical world of musical compositions. The stunningly handsome _d6d7598 Hakeem Kae- Kazim takes us inside of Starz’s hit series (Black Sails). And TNT’S (Falling Skies) guest star (Treva Etienne)Treva Etienne pic 1 gives us the BTS on the brilliant new show. Author Tracy Cook tells Elite Magazine by Y.H.A all about her new projects. Super Producer Carvin Haggins is not only a Grammy Award Winning Producer, but he is also heroic Carvin Haggins you have to read this sit down interview in this issue of Elite Magazine by Y.H.A. Who is our cover story you ask; R-N-B lover boy (Temi) who is pumped about his new release this month for his second single “Fire”.

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Hip Hop Week continues on Y.H.A [Feel so Good- 3PFD feat Arenbee]

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We have been gradually getting to the point of getting real #HighSocietyHipHop this past week if you look at some of the featured artist such as Dee-1, Laydi Ace; and all the way back to a couple of weeks ago with features from Lecrae and Andy Mineo. Also coming up later today Ms. BriaMarie, these are some of the leaders of the New Age rebirth of Hip Hop Movement. We here at Y.H.A are slowly finding our way to what we really call High Society Hip Hop. We are super stoked about it and we can’t wait to see these new artists flourish. Today we are spotlighting 3PFD featuring Arenbee with his new radio single (Feel so Good) a celebration of life record. For more on 3PFD subscribe today to www.younghollywoodatlanta.com.

[ Y.H.A'S Entertainment News] Dee-1 Turned Down a Cash Money Records Contract Offer

dee-1 turn down cash money deal
[Press Release]

Dee-1, New Orleans rapper who just released his Free Lunch & Sallie Mae mixtape, is still letting the ink dry on his recently announced that he signed to RCA Records… To the public’s surprise, during a telling interview with Dr. Boyce Watkins, Dee-1 revealed prior to finding solace with RCA, he actually turned down an offer from Cash Money Records.

Who to watch for?! Ladyi Ace (Kill It)


Is Hip Hop/ Rap under a much needed rebirth?! Yes it is. With a small group of new artist coming up and proving Hip Hop/ Rap does have a soul. We are just enjoying watching the new generation take back the music. Among some of the new Hip Hop/Rap artist to watch for is Ladyi Ace. We are excited to see this young lady come up and claim her spot in a genre that is in much need of an identity. This is #HighSocietyHipHop (Please Note: Low Society Hip Hop is degrading, foul, and belittling) For more on Ladyi Ace subscribe to www.younghollywoodatlanta.com.

Mid-Week Motivation! Dee-1

We are going to hit the Mid-Week Motivation with a song! With us being music enthusiast we want all positive, real, music genres to flourish for the better. With that being said; is Dee-1 just what hip hop/ rap need? We here at Y.H.A think so! Check out our Mid-Week Motivation from Dee-1 “Only God can Judge me”.

A Hip Hop/ Rap record worth buying! (Dee-1 featuring Stalley) “O.D on life”

Dee 1 pic

A round of applause goes to the extremely handsome (New Orleans, La/ Los Angeles, La) native Dee -1. This young artist is someone that we can’t wait to learn more about. The beautifully, uplifting, lyrical, dance track is worth hitting replay and purchasing on ITUNES. We have been searching for #High Society Hip Hop and we are finding it. With help from Maybach Music Group’s own (Stalley) to complete the “O.D on life” remix. This is definitely going on our Y.H.A’S Hip Hop/ Rap records worth buying list. Special thanks to Dee-1’s team for dropping his new release off at Y.H.A. Enjoy! For more on Dee-1 subscribe to younghollywoodatlanta.com today!

[Y.H.A'S V.P.O.T.D] Artur Sychowski- Zoja Live in Wejherowo

Artur Sychowski Artist.Pianist.Composer

This young man is simply amazing! Thank you so much Artur Sychowski for taking time out of your day to introduce yourself to Y.H.A. We can’t wait for your exclusive in Elite Magazine by Y.H.A. Enjoy Y.H.A’s video pick of the day from the amazingly talented Artist/Composer/Pianist Mr. Artur Sychowski. For more on Artur Sychowski subscribe to www.younghollywoodatlanta.com.

Mid-Week Motivation! Dominique ‘D.C’ Dixon


“Do what you do best; and let others do what they do best. Do not bog yourself down”~ Dominique ‘D.C’ Dixon

Bog Down- (1.) to impede or be impeded physically or mentally

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