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Top ten countdown
The return of Y.H.A’s top ten countdown is here. We have made some major adjustments, as most of you all know we collect music that is making an impact around the world. Not only in the message department, but also in the artistic value department. So sit back, relax, and enjoy Y.H.A’s top ten countdown! Y.H.A’s Top Ten Countdown will be brought to you every Saturday so subscribe today and discover something new.

(Mr. S. Truett Cathy) was called home on September 8, 2014

S. Truett

“I cook chicken for a living,” he would say. And on the surface, that was true. Mr. Cathy, who died on Monday at 93, was by all appearances a humble Christian man from Georgia with little education who sold a simple sandwich: a breaded, boneless chicken breast on a soft, white, buttered bun with nothing more than a couple of pickles for garnish. But as the founder of the Chick-fil-A fast-food empire, he was also a billionaire several times over and, as a conservative Christian who ran his business according to his religious principles, he was at once a hero and a symbol of intolerance. Many admired him for closing his outlets on Sundays and speaking out against same-sex marriage. Others vilified his the chain as a symbol of hate.” ~


For full article head over to NYTIMES.COM


Order your copy today! Elite Magazine by Y.H.A #3

PROFMAX copy copy

This issue of Elite Magazine by Y.H.A is simply amazing. Editor Dominique “D.C” Dixon writes a phenomenal article about “Why it’s not wise for Men to Bed Hop”. Harvard Educated, Professor William Maxwell, educates us on why it’s time for American schools to hit the panic button. Our feature artist of the month is RCA’s Recording Artist Dee-1, after reading this interview you will see why he is the Rebirth of Hip-Hop. Musician Riva beats hundreds of other young hopefuls to win recording contract at Abbey Road Studios and a debut at Sundown Festival. Multi-Award winning artist Gio is set to release new music into the UK. TLC’s official royal correspondent Kiri Bloore bags a role playing in E! Television’s “The Royals” British actor Tom Benedict Knight plays Dash in Houdini alongside Academy Award winner Adrien Brody.

“ART can either serve a community or hinder one. At Y.H.A Media Group we choose to serve”~ Dominique “D.C” Dixon

Order Elite Magazine by Y.H.A at the following Link www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/803718

Mid-Week Motivation! Richard R. Grant

Purpose pic
“The value of identity, of course, is that so often with it comes purpose.”~ Richard R. Grant

(What’s new in Entertainment) British actor Tom Benedict Knight plays Dash in Houdini alongside Academy Award winner Adrien Brody

Tom press release photo

Nicholas Meyer’s much awaited 4 hour miniseries Houdini will be aired in America on Labor day, Oscar winner Adrien Brody stars as Houdini and Tom Benedict Knight plays his younger brother and fellow escapologist Dash. Tom is known for being the chameleon of accents and famously recorded 31 in one single take. Now he is set to light up the screen in the History Channel’s new drama which also stars Kristen Connolly.

Mid-Week Motivation! (Archimedes)


“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world” ~Archimedes

(Lifestyle) LET GO!

freedom guy pic

How many times can we count on our fingers and toes the number of times we’ve heard the term “Let Go”?! To many times right, well the truth is letting go is a major process in the self-growth department. Excessive baggage only weighs a person down. The concept is very easy to understand (whatever you hold on to, holds on to you). Resentment, anger, hurt, and disappointment only holds you down from enjoying your life. And let’s make something clear life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. Believe that!

But, if we are holding on to wrong doings that others have done to us or that we have done to ourselves.

It’s a BriaMarie “The Fresh Princess” Take over! Bye Boy (Extended Version)


It’s a BriaMarie “The Fresh Princess” take over still on Y.H.A! If you all haven’t notice we have undergone a major rebrand. We believe in only displaying art, entertainment, and lifestyle articles to enhance humanity for the better. BriaMarie is a true artist and entertainer who actually cares what comes out of her mouth. She isn’t looking to verbally destroy the world, she is only looking to truly educate and uplift everyone. That’s why we are having a BriaMarie take over on Y.H.A. Check out her video Bye Boy (Extended version). #EducationalEntertainment #BeamTeam

(Reporting the Good News) “Throw like a Girl is now a Compliment”~Tee Bee

Congratulations are now in order for Mo’Ne Davis!
Mo'Ne Davis Little League World Series

The 5’4″ 104 lbs pitcher is the first female pitcher to win a game in Little League World Series history. Mo’Ne pitched a 2 hitter with 8 K’s and no walks.

It’s a BriaMarie “The Fresh Princess” takeover! [Y.H.A V.P.O.T.D]- Celebrate

Bria Marie Takeover on yha

BriaMarie “The Fresh Princess” is taking over Y.H.A for the next few days. The multi-talented singer/rapper/songwriter/entertainer is doing her thing. To the point that the previous sentence before this one is an understatement. In the song “Celebrate” listen closely to the lyrics as you watch the extremely talented entertainer. So, you can fully understand why Ms. BriaMarie is taking over Y.H.A! Enjoy! Subscribe today for the exclusive interview with BriaMarie coming up on www.younghollywoodatlanta.com.

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