Akie Kotabe stars alongside Salma Hayek in the soon to be released action thriller ‘Everly’

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Akie Kotabe, known for his roles in The November Man and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, is starring in the highly anticipated action movie Everly, directed by Joe Lynch. Akie plays the role of Dead Man opposite the Oscar nominated actress Salma Hayek.

The film shows a woman called Everly (played by Salma Hayek), who is attacked at her apartment by people who are trying to kill her, assassins sent after her by her ex who feels like she betrayed him. During the film she is trying to protect herself and her family from the harm they are inflicting on her. Akie has a supporting role in the film, portraying a Dead Man that is stuck in the apartment as it is attacked by the highly skilled assassins that are sent after Everly.

Exclusive Interview with (Tom Benedict Knight) star of the film “God the Father”

Tom Benedict Knight photo You have seen him in Dracula Untold, He who Dares, and God the Father. The incredibly humble writer, director, actor, and producer, gave D.C quite an ear full in their exclusive sit down.
D.C Dixon: Was it difficult preparing for such a role as crime boss Michael Franzese in “God the Father”?
T.B Knight: Some might have found it daunting. And looking back on it I have to say it was so exciting to me that I overcame any difficulties I might have found. All my life I’ve loved and watched Scorsese and the mafia film genre, so to get the chance to play one of its high profile (ex) members; while he watched me portray him was well the word exhilarating doesn’t really describe it.
D.C Dixon: Did you personally learn anything from the Michael Franzese story? If so, what was it and why?

It’s Time to Stop being a Slave to Money. (Written by: Dominique “D.C” Dixon)

slave-to-money The terminology “new slaves” is being thrown around like the term “good day”. There are tons of ways we can be “new slaves”, such as a slave to bad habits (sin) etc.

But in this particular article we are going to look at one of the most captivating masters out there known as money. Most human beings have yet to realize that we are supposed to have dominion over our money not money have dominion over us. Humans have been serving lord money for centuries and has been completely unaware of it until today. After reading this article we will surely know how to put that false lord in its place. And its place is with the other natural resources such as rocks and sticks, which all have a purpose of course, but it doesn’t have dominion over our being.

Marriage Column with Dominique “D.C” Dixon (Why Communciation is Everything)

Jimmy Lennar pro pic
Allow me to paint you a picture of the difference between my husband and I, starting with my husband. (That’s him in the picture) He is a tall slender, handsomely shy, inside funny kind of guy. What does inside funny mean? Well, let’s just say he is the person who doesn’t really let you know when something is funny. But he is laughing on the inside, and making jokes in his head all day long. Some call it corky, I call it weird, but hey I love the guy. In the beginning he was the one, to lean in for the first kiss, (I know what you’re thinking cute and aggressive right?! Yeah, NO).

Come to find out that aggressive side really
doesn’t exist unless he is under the influence of some really good mix drinks. And now that we don’t drink anymore, because of some major life changes (Thank you Lord Jesus). You can only image who the aggressive one has to be; yep you guessed it the lady writing this column. So at this point you should have some kind of insight on how shy this amazingly smart, good looking guy is. Now let’s talk about me (one of my favorite subjects :c) ) meet his other half. The walking, talking, heart on her sleeves, overly excited about everything kind of person. My motto maybe should be (TURN DOWN FOR WHAT!)

Every Issue is a must read Issue of Elite Magazine by Y.H.A!

Cover pastor mays copy From soul cleansing interviews, to uplifting articles, and sultry poetry. It is truly time for you to make Elite Magazine by Y.H.A your magazine of choice. With quality articles getting to the root of everything soul, to enlightening entertainment, to edifying lifestyle articles. Elite Magazine by Y.H.A is truly putting the salt back into the world of reading. Order the latest issue of Elite Magazine by Y.H.A today!

Young Hollywood Atlanta is taking over the air waves!

Y.H.A Entertainment official logo
The first leg of our Radio Promo tour is in the lovely city of Valdosta Ga, tell your family and friends to call in and kick it with Young Hollywood Atlanta tomorrow at 7pm est. ‪#‎YHA‬ 229-242-2967 ‪#‎WeFly‬ ‪#‎V96‬.7 #YHA ‪#‎SLIMDZL‬ #WEFLY

Exclusive Interview with (Face the King)

Face-the-King-crop-600x385We are absolutely in love with Face the King. From jamming out to the lyrical sounds of “The Sea” and “The Burning and The Falling Down”. We are so thrilled that this amazing band never gave up when hard times struck, because their drive, heart, and lyrics are something that is needed in the world of music today. Face the King is truly on their way to becoming a household name, we are just glad we had the opportunity to catch up with the band that is touring the Nation! Elite Magazine by Y.H.A’s Editor Dominique “D.C” Dixon had the pleasure of speaking with Lead Guitarist Dan Delvecchio.

What’s New at Y.H.A ?! Everything! (Check it out)

Emryhs Cooper pic 2 Our March-April issue of Elite Magazine by Y.H.A is already heating up. With the King of Clean Hip-Hop (Slim Dzl) gracing the cover of Elite Magazine by Y.H.A. To the newest heartthrob to hit Hollywood Mr. Emrhys Cooper in his exclusive layout. He tells editor Dominique “D.C” Dixon about stepping out on faith and chasing his passion for the arts. Emrhys, also chats about balancing relationships and about what he learned from guest starring on CBS’s Person of Interest. emryhs cooper pic 4. Get to know these rising stars in this issue of Elite Magazine by Y.H.A. Check out Emrhys Cooper’s scene on Desperate Housewives with the talented Eva Longoria right here on Y.H.A!

[World Premiere] Fix it (Patrick Gavin)

1423180130318_IMG_1033 As the entertainment industry under goes revitalization. We are so please to debut this new artist on Y.H.A. The incredible sultry St.Patrick Gavin is teaming up with Y.H.A records newly signed artist Slim Dzl, and Y.H.A’s own Dominique “D.C” Dixon for Slim Dzl’s sophomore album tilted “K.O.C”. We can not wait to see what these All-Stars come up with. They are all new and needed! Until then enjoy the latest from St. Patrick titled “Fix it” right here on Y.H.A.

(Lifestyle Article) Why the spirit of voluptuary can be damaging

Elite article photo why the spirit of voluptuary can be demanging
Article by: Dominique “D.C” Dixon
Let’s make something clear, it is okay to have nice things. Please aim high in your life. All human beings deserve to live nicely and enjoy themselves.” ~Dominique “D.C” Dixon
However, a voluptuary spirit is something totally different. Let’s now look at the meaning of voluptuary. Voluptuary means. 1. A person devoted to luxury and sensual pleasure. Wow! Devoted is an extremely strong word. When you are devoted to something, sometimes you will do anything for whatever you are devoted too. Let’s look at a real life example of a person who operated out of a voluptuary spirit. We see it today all the time on the news, in our family, amongst our friends, and at our jobs. For the sake of privacy, I am going to keep this young lady’s name private. This young lady and I worked together at the same job. She would always ask, me how do I afford my truck and clothes etc. Now, looking back on the question got me thinking, “I worked the same job as she did”. Granted at the time I stilled lived with my mom, but we were working at a job where people were making 75k plus a year. If she was after financial gain she was in the right place.

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