Mid-Week Motivation! (Archimedes)


“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world” ~Archimedes

(Lifestyle) LET GO!

freedom guy pic

How many times can we count on our fingers and toes the number of times we’ve heard the term “Let Go”?! To many times right, well the truth is letting go is a major process in the self-growth department. Excessive baggage only weighs a person down. The concept is very easy to understand (whatever you hold on to, holds on to you). Resentment, anger, hurt, and disappointment only holds you down from enjoying your life. And let’s make something clear life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. Believe that!

But, if we are holding on to wrong doings that others have done to us or that we have done to ourselves.

It’s a BriaMarie “The Fresh Princess” Take over! Bye Boy (Extended Version)


It’s a BriaMarie “The Fresh Princess” take over still on Y.H.A! If you all haven’t notice we have undergone a major rebrand. We believe in only displaying art, entertainment, and lifestyle articles to enhance humanity for the better. BriaMarie is a true artist and entertainer who actually cares what comes out of her mouth. She isn’t looking to verbally destroy the world, she is only looking to truly educate and uplift everyone. That’s why we are having a BriaMarie take over on Y.H.A. Check out her video Bye Boy (Extended version). #EducationalEntertainment #BeamTeam

Monday Motivation! (Bishop Darren K. Ackles)

Bishop Darren K. Ackles

“I don’t need anyone to tell me about life; I got to go see life for myself. It’s time to take your mind back” ~Bishop Darren K. Ackles

(Reporting the Good News) “Throw like a Girl is now a Compliment”~Tee Bee

Congratulations are now in order for Mo’Ne Davis!
Mo'Ne Davis Little League World Series

The 5’4″ 104 lbs pitcher is the first female pitcher to win a game in Little League World Series history. Mo’Ne pitched a 2 hitter with 8 K’s and no walks.

It’s a BriaMarie “The Fresh Princess” takeover! [Y.H.A V.P.O.T.D]- Celebrate

Bria Marie Takeover on yha

BriaMarie “The Fresh Princess” is taking over Y.H.A for the next few days. The multi-talented singer/rapper/songwriter/entertainer is doing her thing. To the point that the previous sentence before this one is an understatement. In the song “Celebrate” listen closely to the lyrics as you watch the extremely talented entertainer. So, you can fully understand why Ms. BriaMarie is taking over Y.H.A! Enjoy! Subscribe today for the exclusive interview with BriaMarie coming up on www.younghollywoodatlanta.com.

[Exclusive Interview] Rage Against the Ratchet Leader- (Carvin Haggins sat down with Elite Magazine by Y.H.A’s editor Dominique “D.C” Dixon)

Carvin Haggins

Mr. Haggins’s sat down with Editor Dominique ‘D.C’ Dixon for this amazing interview. Mr. Haggins is truly a modern day hero and role model. Mr. Haggins held nothing back in this exclusive interview. With a desire, passion, and plan to stop the negative blasphemous music from taking over urban culture and put an end to evil lyrics forever on the radio.
Carvin has written so many songs that we love. From hit records for Mary J. Blige, Jill Scott, Faith, Justin Timberlake, Raheem DeVaughn, and Musiq Soul Child. Haggin’s is also known as the creative Ambassador for the city of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia). The Grammy Award Winning; multi- Platinum producer, engineer, and co-founder of Carvin & Ivan productions is not slowing down not even for a second. From co-owning Forever Music Inc. and owning Ethical Music Ent; the super talented Haggins plans to keep his reputation for producing songs that “say something”.

Mid-Week Motivation! (Cindy Trimm)


“The number one thing that keeps people from realizing their goals, maximizing their potential, and fulfilling their purpose is focus. Wherever you place your focus, the rest of your mind, talents, abilities, and emotions will follow.” ~ Cindy Trimm (The 40 Day Soul Fast)

(Breaking News) Eyewitness to Michael Brown shooting recounts his friend’s death

The young mans grandmother
Desuirea Harris, the grandmother of Michael Brown, the unarmed teen fatally shot by police on Saturday was over come with grief following a press conference where her family addressed the media.
Photo by: Trymaine Lee for MSNBC

(Harvard-educated Professor William Maxwell): Hit the Panic Button for American Schools

Global Academy for International Advancement

The alarm buttons signaling the decline of the American education systems have been ringing loudly since the 1960’s; with the Coleman Report by Johns Hopkins University’s Professor James Coleman. Europe’s Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has presented more graphical evidence that America children are sinking fast into a third rate nation. Only three years ago our children ranked 29th; they now rank 36th and are falling fast.

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