Throw Back MOVIE THURSDAY! (with Dominique “D.C” DIXON)

Love and Basketball

D.C Dixon here, as most of you know I don’t care to keep reflecting on the past. But since some films are seriously timeless, we have to give honor where honor is due. This past week my husband and I were sitting around the house flipping through channels and we literally stumbled upon a classic. That’s right! A classic, the movie that made every little basketball girl look for her basketball Prince Charming. And that movie was (drum roll please) LOVE & BASKETBALL.

Y.H.A’s Top Ten Music Video Countdown!

NF All I have Photo

It’s that time again! See where some of your favorite new artist has landed on this week’s countdown. Make sure to continue the ongoing support, lets change this world and industry for the better. Taking everything one post, one article, one song, one movie, one book, and one TV show at a time. Enjoy and tell a friend of a friend.

MID-WEEK Motivation (T.D Jakes Ministries)

T.D Jakes mid week motivation

T.D. Jakes Ministries
“Until you change your heart, life will always short-change you. You can change your clothes, your house and everything that doesn’t matter to make it look like you’re blessed, but what really matters is your heart. Until you change your heart you’ll keep having experiences that you cannot benefit from, you will lose chance after chance, and opportunity after opportunity”.

Dee-1′s “Against Us” is officially out on ITUNES!

Dee-1 official release
On yesterday, rap musical genius, Dee-1 made his official RCA Records debut with the digital release of his song, “Against Us”. As his P.R REP, so elegantly put it “Dee-1 addresses the song by saying”, “It symbolizes the war against negativity. I’ve been blessed with so many dope opportunities, this is the triumph, this is the victory. Moving forward, I’m only motivated to continue being the best artist I possibly can be.”

After making a major splash on last night’s 2014 BET’s HIP HOP Awards’ Cypher. You can see why this unique lyricist is what you would call a BIG DEAL. You may have seen his lyric video on our top ten music video countdown, if you haven’t please check it out. Also, check out Dee-1′s exclusive interview with Elite Magazine by Y.H.A. It is definitely a man behind the music insight. Dee-1 allows Elite into his personal life, views on the world of music, and his journey thus far. That’s in Issue#3 of Elite Magazine by Y.H.A. Check out “Against Us” right here on Y.H.A. Make this an Ipod moment with us by downloading it on ITunes today ! Let’s support all things positive.

Y.H.A’s Music Video Countdown

Top ten countdown

We would like to thank you all for your tremendous support. Thank you for all the shares and overall love you have been showing and Elite Magazine by Y.H.A. As we continue on our journey of bringing you music, lifestyle, entertainment, and art that contains a heartbeat. We ask that you continue to share with family and friends all of the new artist you’re discovering on Y.H.A’s music video countdown.

We are dedicated to bringing you musical geniuses, from all over the planet. So let’s get into this week’s countdown. See where some of the men and women that are shaking up the world of music has landed this week. Enjoy!

Mid-Week Motivation (D.C Dixon)

armorofGod mid week motivation
Your best life is the life designed specifically for you. The one who designed and created the universe has something special that only you can unwrap. Do not spend your time putting on someone else’s armor, it’s time to wear the equipment made especially for you.” ~D.C Dixon

(Spoken Words) Who else are you going to BLAME!?


Have you ever came across a person that point fingers
Way more than they look at themselves. The ones that swear they
Are flawless, but need the most help.
If the material world measured the man or the woman.
We would be doom.
Thank GOD for giving us his spirit to see past illusions.
Oh the ones who cry HOLY, but are soulless and rude.
Okay, so you don’t drink or smoke. But you’re doing something if not worst
You’re leading people astray.
Oh is this too deep hold on let me say.
You lie, cheat, and steal sounds like the characteristics of your FATHER.
You not even trying to get right. Let’s call this fight night.
You would sale your child to the highest bidder. Sounds to me like just another

Y.H.A’s Top Ten Music Video Countdown

Top ten countdown
Check out where some of your favorite artist landed this week on Y.H.A’s top ten music video countdown. Want to know more about the musicians bursting on to the Y.H.A charts subscribe today (below). Also, get to know the artist who was at our number 1 spot last week, coming in at our number 2 spot this week musical genius (DEE-1). In the latest issue of Elite Magazine by Y.H.A at the following link Also, climbing our charts at the number 5 spot another musical genius Artur Sychowski gave Elite Magazine by Y.H.A the inside scoop into his musical world Remember tell a friend about Y.H.A’s top ten music video countdown, where the world of music share one spot! Enjoy.

Y.H.A’s TOP TEN Music Video Countdown

Top ten countdown
The return of Y.H.A’s top ten countdown is here. We have made some major adjustments, as most of you all know we collect music that is making an impact around the world. Not only in the message department, but also in the artistic value department. So sit back, relax, and enjoy Y.H.A’s top ten countdown! Y.H.A’s Top Ten Countdown will be brought to you every Saturday so subscribe today and discover something new.

Order your copy today! Elite Magazine by Y.H.A #3

PROFMAX copy copy

This issue of Elite Magazine by Y.H.A is simply amazing. Editor Dominique “D.C” Dixon writes a phenomenal article about “Why it’s not wise for Men to Bed Hop”. Harvard Educated, Professor William Maxwell, educates us on why it’s time for American schools to hit the panic button. Our feature artist of the month is RCA’s Recording Artist Dee-1, after reading this interview you will see why he is the Rebirth of Hip-Hop. Musician Riva beats hundreds of other young hopefuls to win recording contract at Abbey Road Studios and a debut at Sundown Festival. Multi-Award winning artist Gio is set to release new music into the UK. TLC’s official royal correspondent Kiri Bloore bags a role playing in E! Television’s “The Royals” British actor Tom Benedict Knight plays Dash in Houdini alongside Academy Award winner Adrien Brody.

“ART can either serve a community or hinder one. At Y.H.A Media Group we choose to serve”~ Dominique “D.C” Dixon

Order Elite Magazine by Y.H.A at the following Link

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